HM King Mohammed VI Has Established Vision of Tolerance and Respect for Minorities that ‘Everyone Envies us’ (Serge Berdugo)

“Since His arrival on the throne, His Majesty King Mohammed VI has established a vision of Morocco that everyone envies us, a vision of tolerance and respect for minorities, and this, He marked throughout His reign,” said Berdugo in a statement to MAP TV channel M24, on the occasion of the commemoration of the International Day dedicated to the memory of victims of the Holocaust.

The Sovereign, added Berdugo, has established this vision by inscribing the equality of all components of the Moroccan population in the framework of the constitution, recalling that HM the King has initiated an “extraordinary and so beautiful” vast operation of rehabilitation of the Moroccan Jewish heritage.

The SG of the Council of Jewish Communities stressed that the actions of His Majesty the King have allowed to renew ties with 800,000 Moroccan Jews who were living abroad, “and who only wanted to return to Morocco, to find their roots, recognize the places of their ancestors and renew ties with their fellow Muslims”.

According to Berdugo, this is an “absolutely extraordinary” work, which was done by HM King Mohammed VI, may God assist him, throughout his reign, adding that this is a reflection of a “model of civilization that everyone envies us, and which marks the future of nations”.

“It is for us sincerely, royally, respectfully and affectionately a way to respect and above all to recognize to His Majesty His absolutely eminent role in civilization,” said Berdugo.

Referring to the commemoration of the International Day dedicated to the memory of the victims of the Holocaust, the SG of the CCIM said that it is, for Moroccan Jews, “the opportunity to honor, respect and mark our great gratitude for all the Alawite Kings who succeeded each other” on the Throne of Morocco.

On this occasion, members of the Moroccan Jewish community showed “how grateful we are to His Majesty King Mohammed V for saving us from the Holocaust at a time when we were at the mercy of the Nazi regime”.

“Today, we can say that we Moroccan Jews are the children of His Majesty King Mohammed VI,” concluded Berdugo.

Source: Agency Morocaine De Presse