HM the King Prioritizes Supporting Palestinian Cause, Says Ambassador to Türkiye

Speaking at the 12th Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Conference of Ministers of Information, Lazrak said the Kingdom has always attached great importance to the defense of the Palestinian cause and Al-Quds Asharif.


The diplomat highlighted that this year, Bayt Mal Al-Quds Asharif Agency, in collaboration with the Higher Institute of Information and Communication (ISIC) in Morocco and the Institute of Modern Information at Al-Quds University, launched the “Al-Quds Asharif” Award for journalistic excellence in media for development, targeting journalism and media students from Morocco and Palestine.


He noted that three journalism students from Palestine and three from Morocco won the first edition of the award in the categories of television, radio, print and electronic media.


The Agency, the ambassador continued, also awards annual scholarships to journalism and media students in Al Quds, and supports specialized institutions capable of providing a suitable environment for research and training, according to modern standards, in order to keep pace with the rapid technological transformations in this field.


Source: Agency Morocaine De Presse