HPR: Bills to be reviewed as priority, submitted by Prime Ministry, including that of audio-visual communication authority | Tunisia News Gazette

HPR: Bills to be reviewed as priority, submitted by Prime Ministry, including that of audio-visual communication authority

The House of People’s Representatives (HPR) office on Tuesday received a set of bills and loan agreements submitted by the Prime Ministry with a request for review as a priority, including the draft organic law of the audio-visual communication, HPR deputy-speaker in charge of communication, Mohamed Souf, told TAP on Tuesday evening.

He said that the HPR office will hold a meeting on Thursday, November 30, to decide on the transfer of these bills to specialised committees according to their importance, saying that they include two bills of major importance and five loan agreements.

“The draft organic law on the audio-visual communication authority was transmitted with a priority of examination because it is a pressing request of professionals, journalists and public opinion,” he said.

This bill sets the attributions of this authority, its composition, the mode of its election, organisation and means to ask it for account and it includes 6 chapters and 59 articles. This important constitutional authority will have the task of regulating and modernising the audio-visual sector and will ensure freedom of expression and information and a pluralistic and objective press.

Mohamed Souf also said that among the bills submitted to the HPR, a request for which was made at a meeting with Prime Minister last October to consider them as a matter of priority, include the texts relating to the constitutional authorities that remain to be implemented and whose creation is part of the “priorities of the legislative institution”.

The government also submitted to the HPR a draft law on the regulation of foreign exchange offenses.

“This is just as an important a bill for the government as it will mitigate the movement of foreign currency off official channels, which has a visible impact on the country’s foreign exchange reserves,” he said.

“This bill will not fail, through exceptional measures, to integrate these currencies in the organised circuit,” he said.

Source: TAP News Agency

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