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HPR: change in plenary’s agenda sparks much criticism

Speaker of the House of People’s Representatives (HPR) Mohamed Ennaceur has adjourned the plenary session for concerted action, after some MPs criticised the HPR Bureau for changing the agenda of Tuesday’s plenary session.

Chairing the opening of the plenary, which started an hour late, Ennaceur said the Popular Front was absent from the meeting of group chairmen, during which it was agreed to hold three successive sessions to complete consideration of the tax benefits bill.

As for Wednesday’s meeting, it will include continuing consideration of the bill amending and supplementing the law on elections, suspended since June 2016.

The amendment of the agenda, decided by the parliamentary Bureau last Thursday, has been the subject of much criticism.

Rim Mahjoub (Afek) considers it not compliant with the rules of procedure of the parliament, whereas Tarek Fettiti (UPL) said the rules of procedure are above the compromises between the chairmen of the parliamentary groups.

Members of the Front consider that the agenda has been modified because the Ennahdha group is not yet ready to decide on the participation of the military and security in the next municipal elections.

At the beginning of the plenary, which was attended by 147 MPs, Mohamed Ennaceur announced the accession of MP Noureddine Ben Achour to the Al-Horra group, bringing to 21 the number of deputies forming this bloc.

The MPs recited the Fatiha in memory of the Tunisian who died in the Quebec mosque shoot-out.

Source: TAP news Agency

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