HPR-draft law punishing aggressions of officers carrying weapons: "law comes to fill Legal Gap" (Minister of Defence) | Tunisia News Gazette

HPR-draft law punishing aggressions of officers carrying weapons: “law comes to fill Legal Gap” (Minister of Defence)

Minister of National Defence Farhat Horchani said that the law against assaulting officers carrying weapons” fills a legal vacuum”, saying that some democratic countries have enacted such laws to protect their security forces.

Horchani, speaking during his hearing on Thursday before the General Legislation Committee, said that the discussion of this bill lags behind many issues affecting security forces carrying arms and is a good message for the security officers and citizens.

“Contrary to the assertions of some deputies, the national army is not concerned by this project, but it demanded the promulgation of this law, the constitution stipulating in article 18 the support and reinforcement by the army of the Civilian authorities, “he said.

He argued that this bill “will protect the military forces in a situation of reinforcement from the civilian authorities for the protection of military installations located in the city centres, such as administrations and barracks, especially since military forces are not in Certain cases protected and are not regulated by the law in the event of problems involving citizens and that this question could have legal consequences “.

The minister stressed that “the protection of security and military forces will be carried out within the framework of the protection of human rights and international standards of the rule of law”.

“The law will not have a negative impact on the human rights system with the existence of crazy guards and limits protecting freedoms while being equipped with a preventive, awareness and deterrent, “He added.

In turn, Interior Minister Hedi Majdoub said that the recurrence of attacks on security forces has prompted the acceleration of the examination of the draft law on repression of attacks against security forces carrying arms.

He pointed out that 60 officers had been killed and another 2,000 injured since 2011.

The Minister also indicated that the consequences of these attacks accelerated the review of the law, with the aim of meeting the requirements for the protection of law and order.

Source: TAP News Agency

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