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HPR-Syria: petition calling for restoration of diplomatic relations rejected

The draft petition calling for the restoration of diplomatic relations with Syria was rejected Wednesday by the House of People’s Representatives (HPR), with 68 votes only, against 27 abstentions and 6 against.

A group of deputies presented a petition last April signed by four presidents of parliamentary blocs (Al Horra, PF, UPL and Afek Tounes) to ask to restore diplomatic relations broken in 2012 by former president Monce marzouki.

In March 2017, another group of seven deputies (Mbarka Aouaynia, Mongi Rahoui, Abdelaziz Kotti, Khemaies Ksila, Issm Mattoussi, Sahbi Ben Frej and Noureddine Mrabeti) visited Syria as part of an effort to restore these relations and investigate the terrorist channels involved in recruiting young Tunisians to fight in conflict zones.

According to the petition which was unable to obtain the total of 109 votes necessary, “this measure (restoration of relations) is in conformity with the preamble of the constitution which reaffirms the (Tunisian) belonging to the cultural plan and civilization to the Arab and Islamic nation, based on national unity and on citizenship, fraternity, solidarity and social justice, of the Maghreb Union as a first step towards Arab unity, complementarity with Islamic peoples and the African peoples.

The draft petition has been presented, underline its supporters, “because Tunisia is a member country of the Arab States League and given the promise made by the president of the republic during his presidential election campaign to restore diplomatic relations with Syria to repair the mistake of breaking these relations by former President Mohamed Moncef Marzouki “.

Source: TAP News Agency

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