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HPR: Youssef Chahed unveils objectives of government’s strategy for next 3 years

The government’s economic strategy over the next three years will focus on reducing the budget deficit to 3% and the payroll to 12.5%, and on maintaining debt at a rate below 70%.

This strategy also aims to increase growth to 5% by the end of 2020, “said Prime Minister Youssef Chahed in his speech on Monday at the plenary session devoted to the vote of confidence in the newly reshuffled government.

Chahed believes that this strategy will also reduce the unemployment rate by three percentage points from 2016 at the end of 2020.

He also said that his Government had developed a detailed roadmap to get out of the crisis and boost the economy, in line with the guidelines taken in the confidence vote in August 2016 and the major reforms announced on 14 January 2017.

The roadmap is being discussed with the parties to the Carthage Document since September 5, 2017 in order to enrich it before its implementation.

“The reform programme is an attempt to change the development model, as the current model has shown its limits.” The new model must be based on public investment in strategic sectors that should not be left behind of the State, but also on public-private partnership”.

He added that “this model must also free the unexploited potential of the national economy (non-exploited State lands …), in order to integrate it into the economic circuit”.

Chahed also believes that this model has every chance to succeed, given that Tunisia remains a competitive destination, thanks to its skilled workforce and its strategic positioning.

In this respect, he underlined that the implementation of this development model requires the implementation of a series of reforms related to the review of exchange regulations and administrative authorisations and to the support of Small-and medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs).

“Economic growth is in the service of the social objectives of the State and should be an integrated growth that benefits the majority of Tunisians,” said the Prime Minister.

A programme of development of the Saharan regions announced

Chahed announced to the deputies of the HPR the launch of an integrated development programme for the Saharan regions which represent about one third of the surface of Tunisia.

“This project aims to transform the Saharan zones into a lever of development and to create employment posts and renewable energy projects, including solar energy.

It also allows the connection of these areas to the road networks and their equipment for the creation of an economic dynamic that contributes to the fight against smuggling and terrorism, “he said adding that the purpose is to promote a Saharan and organic agriculture in these regions such as successful global experiences (USA, Australia and China).

He mentioned in this context the possibility of creating a world centre for applied research in the sector of Sahara technologies and alternative energies.

The implementation of this project will support national security at a strategic level, added the Prime Minister, believing that Tunisia could make progress through structural reforms and an economic integration programme and a new model of a development which, according to him, could only succeed in “the consecration of labour-value”.

Source: TAP News Agency

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