Human rights in security programmes and policies, focus of working session between Interior Ministry and OHCHR

(TAP) – Commitment to the highest standards in the field of promotion and protection of human rights and their increased integration in security programmes and policies, was the focus of a working session held Friday at the Interior Ministry headquarters, between a number of senior civilian and security officials and a delegation from the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, led by OHCHR Director of Field Operations and Technical Cooperation, Christian Salazar Volkmann.


The UN official expressed satisfaction with the existing channels of cooperation between the UN High Commissioner and the Ministry, launched since 2012, particularly in the areas of technical assistance and capacity building, through the establishment of specialised training, study days and training of trainers, says a statement from the department.


The twofold objective is to disseminate the culture of human rights and to work to enshrine it in security action.


According to the same statement, the UN official also reaffirmed his determination to continue the joint cooperation with the Ministry of Interior, so as to enable it to benefit from the expertise and consultations provided by the OHCHR, in the field of the rule of law, accountability and the fight against impunity.


During the meeting, the UN delegation was briefed on the reform and modernisation projects that the Ministry of Interior plans to carry out in cooperation with various national and international partners, with the aim of building an integrated security system that takes into account the importance of achieving human security based on the security of the individual, the security of the society and the security of the country.


Source: TAP News Agency