IHF President’s Cup (Gr.2- day-1): Tunisia defeat Morocco 30-25

Tunisia’s handball team defeated their Moroccan counterparts 30-25, at an IHF President’s Cup Group 2, day-1 game played Thursday.

The IHF President’s Cup will determine the ranking from 25 to 32.

The national team will play North Macedonia on Saturday, before facing Algeria on Monday.

Tunisia were knocked out of the IHF World Handball Championship hosted by Poland and Sweden, after drawing with Bahrain (27-27), and losing to Belgium (29-31) and Denmark (21-34) at the preliminary round.


Algeria – North Macedonia 25-40

Morocco – Tunisia 30-25

Next fixtures

Day 2

Playing Saturday, January 21:

Algeria – Morocco (1530)

North Macedonia – Tunisia (1800)

Day 3

Playing January 23:

Tunisia – Algeria (1530)

North Macedonia – Morocco (1800).

Source: Tap News Agency