Illegal migration attempt to Italy thwarted off Kelibia

An attempted illegal migration to Italy was thwarted on Monday at dawn by the Coastguards of Kelibia in the governorate of Nabeul.

A speedboat from Italy, operated by a 47-year-old Tunisian residing in Italy, was preparing to carry a group of individuals from Dar Allouche beach, Hammam Al Ghezaz (Nabeul) delegation.

According to a statement from the Ministry of the Interior, eight individuals aged between 20 and 30 planning to illegally migrate to Italy were arrested.

They acknowledged that they provided the organiser of the trip with sums of money varying from 5 to 7 thousand dinars.

The brigade seized in this operation 390 litre of fuel, EUR 650 euros and an archaeological piece intended for smuggling, said the ministry.

Seven individuals were placed in custody and two judicial investigations were initiated: one for illegal immigration and another for illegal possession of a foreign currency.

Source: TAP News Agency