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Improving governance is key to equitable growth in developing countries (WB)

A new World Bank report titled “World Development Report 2017: Governance and the Law”, urge developing countries and international development organisations to rethink their approach to governance, as a key to overcoming challenges related to security, growth, and equity.

The report, which looks at country examples, including Tunisia, focuses on the challenges of unequal distribution of power in a given society and its adverse effects on the effectiveness of policies.

He stressed that countries and donors need to have a broader vision of improving governance to ensure policy success.

This improved governance is defined as the interaction process by which state and non-state actors conceive and implement public policies within a given set of formal and informal rules shaped by power.

According to this report, an unequal distribution of power can lead to the exclusion of groups or individuals who will be deprived of the benefits and gains of political commitment.

Yet meaningful change is possible with the engagement and interaction of citizens, through coalitions to change the incentives of those who make decisions; elites, through agreements among decision makers to restrict their own power; and the international community, through indirect influence to change the relative power of domestic reformers.

Based on extensive research and consultations in many countries over the past two years, the report proposes principles to guide reform and change the dynamics of governance for equitable development.

It therefore recommends not to concentrate on the form of institutions, but also to think about their functions, not only to build on capacity, but also to take into account the asymmetries of power and not to think only about the rule of law but also about the role of law.

It argues that good policies are often difficult to implement and enforce because some social groups taking advantage of the status quo are powerful enough to oppose the reforms needed to break the political balance.

Source: TAP news Agency

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