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Inauguration of first simulation centre for local police training

Representatives of the Interior Ministry and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Tunisia on Friday inaugurated the first simulation center for local police training at the National Centre for further training of the National security in Carthage Byrsa.

The new centre consists of 2 floors, a first floor housing a model police centre and a second floor for simulation exercises. It was built as part of the security sector reform project piloted by the Ministry of the Interior and UNDP.

“We have noticed a huge lack in the simulation training of police officers,” Samir Tarhouni, Director General of Training at the Ministry of the Interior, said in a statement to TAP, asserting that this centre is part of a programme developed by the Interior Ministry for the integration of simulation exercises into the training programmes of all sectors of the National Police. According to Tarhouni, these simulation exercises will allow to develop and promote the quality of services rendered to citizens.

“We are planning to set up a second simulation centre for local police training in the north of the country,” Tarhouni said adding that the Ministry of the Interior has scheduled the creation of 5 similar centres throughout the country.

This project involves several components, including the establishment of a local police force and the training of officials and executives of the Interior Ministry said Yassine Fatnassi, UNDP expert. According to him, another center will soon be built in the school of the national guard and civil protection of Bir Bouregba (Hammamet). A simulation centre was also built at the Chebika National Guard School. These centres have all the didactic means, cameras and sound tools, necessary for the training of the agents and executives of the police and the national guard.

“We try, through these centres to prepare the officers, theoretically and practically, to the conflicting situations and pressure that he is brought face to face,” explained Fatnassi. According to him, several model centers have been built, as part of this project since 2011, in Fernana, Sidi Bouzid, Ben Guerdane, Sfax, Tunis, Hammamet, etc

He added that about 100 officers and security officers and the National Guard received five training sessions on community policing. The main countries that finance this project are Great Britain, Canada and Japan.

Mourad Ennar, in charge of international cooperation programmes at the British Embassy in Tunis, one of the donors of the project, said that Britain is looking to finance the redevelopment of about 2 police centres or the National Guard per year. Britain has spent $ 5 million this year, according to Ennar, for the redevelopment of 8 police centres and the National Guard and other units.

Source: TAP News Agency

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