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Inflation soars to 7.7 % in April (INS)

Inflation kept climbing, surging to 7.7% in April against 7.6% in March and 7.1% in February, said the National Institute of Statistics (French: INS).

The year-on-year rise in prices of foodstuff (8.9%) and transport (10.5%) pushed inflation upwards, INS said. The rate of core inflation (exclusive of foodstuff, beverage and energy) stands at 7.4%. Products with non-administered prices post an 8.6% increase against 4.7% for those with administered prices. The non-administered prices of food products increased 10.1% compared to 2.3% for administered prices.

Fruit prices edge up 23.8%

In April 2018, foodstuff prices jumped 8.9% against 8.7% in March, driven by a rise in the prices of fruits (+23.8%), food oils (+13.1%), fish (+12.4%) and meats (+12.3%). A year-on-year rise in transport prices stood at 15.5% as a result of increasing car prices (+16.6%) and incurred expenses edging up 12.1%.

The prices of goods and services grew 10.2% as prices of personal care products, insurance and financial services climbed 10.5%, 9.3% and 7.5%, respectively.

Consumer price index up 1% in April

Consumer prices posted a 1% rise in April against 0.7% in March as a result of prices of clothing products, goods and services growing 4.8%, 1.2% and 0.9%, respectively.

This year-on-year increase follows winter sales and is reflected in apparel prices going up 4.8% as is the case for footwear (+5.5%) and fabric (+1.2%).

The upward trend seen in the prices of goods and services, on the one hand, and transport, on the other, is due to the rise in prices of financial services (+7.5%) and hydrocarbons (2.7%). The increasing prices of replacement parts and accessories (1.5%) also account for climbing transport prices.

Foodstuff prices heading upwards comes as the consequence of rises in the prices of meat (2.3%), fish (1.7%) and fruits (1.5%).

Source: TAP News Agency

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