Interest in organic date farming continues in Kebili

The number of farmers who convert to the production of organic dates in Kebili is increasing from one year to the next. The area of oases reserved for organic dates, and certified by the organic label, now exceeds 2200 hectares.

Moreover, there are nearly 700 hectares of oases in Kebili that are in the process of converting from conventional to agroecological production systems, without the use of chemical fertilizers.

In a statement to TAP, Head of Division of Organic Agriculture at the Regional Commissariat for Agricultural Development in Kebili, Ismail Ratib, stressed that the production of organic dates is among the promising sectors, which, according to him, will contribute to the diversification of the product by giving more added value to the variety of Deglet Nour.

The official said that the demand for organic products, including dates, is increasing, both on the local market and abroad.

To meet this increased demand, the number of farmers who have joined this sector has increased, especially in some oases, such as those located in the region of Rjim Maatoug. More than 1,000 farmers have joined agricultural development groups in the organic sector, while others have signed contracts with companies to process their products.

According to Ismail Ratib, the production of organic dates in Kebili has reached, during the past season, 19 thousand tonnes, which represents 80% of the national production of this variety.

Similarly, he added, the quantities exported amounted to 12 thousand tonnes, with revenues of 91 million dinars (MD).

This year, the production of organic dates has been impacted by certain climatic factors, including rising temperatures, said the official, adding that preparations for the next season have already been launched.


Source: Tap News Agency