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Interior Minister tells parliament no backtracking on freedoms

Interior Minister Lotfi Braham Saturday told a parliament hearing his department is committed to enforcing law in handling protests. Over 13,800 protests were staged in 2017, 95% of which without intervention from security forces. There will be no backtracking on freedoms, he asserted.

In another connection, he said the serious threats due to the security situation in Libya require further vigilance and a high level of alert.

The government will not back away from the fight against terrorism and will stand up against terrorists in strict accordance with the law. Victims of abuses by some police officers are urged to initiate legal action, he said.

The neutrality of the security apparatus, a republican institution as spelled out in Article 19 of the Constitution, is a constitutional principle.

The legislation in force does not offer guarantees against infiltration of the security institution, the Minister said. In this connection, he underlined the need to establish financial and administrative supervisory structures.

The ministry has evidence that some Tunisian and foreign nationals are providing support to terrorism which calls for increased identity checks at border crossings; suspects will also be dealt with on the basis of the law on fight against terrorism and money laundering.

With regard to irregular migration, the Minister said 8,838 Tunisian and foreign nationals were intercepted in 2017 while embarking on crossing attempts and 150 smugglers were apprehended.

Source: TAP news Agency

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