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Interior Ministry to Continue Strengthening Security Efficiency

This commitment comes “in consideration of security services’ crucial role on the plans of stability and development,” he said in a presentation to the Committee on the Interior, Local Government, Housing and Urban Policy at the House of Representatives.


On this occasion, Laftit stressed that his ministry “continues its efforts to raise their efficiency in order to meet the challenges of protecting people, property, rights and freedoms, and consolidating the Kingdom’s status on the regional and international levels as a safe and stable country.”


He further ensured that his department ensures to strengthen security vigilance against active terrorist networks considered a permanent threat and this, in support of a proactive policy of security services, which policy has helped to defeat many criminal and terrorist projects and dismantle cells.


In order to complete the project of modernization in the security field, the Minister said that the current year has been marked by the development of computer infrastructure and communications within the national security services.


This goes through the completion of many projects to be in line with the ongoing technological developments and also to modernize computer networks to facilitate the task of security services and raise their performance.


He has, in this regard, welcomed “the remarkable level of coordination on the ground between all stakeholders namely the Territorial Authorities, the National Security, the Royal Gendarmerie and the Auxiliary Forces.”


Source: Agency Morocaine De Presse