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International conference on dialogue of religions in Djerba

An international conference on the dialogue of religions and civilizations, a bulwark against terrorism and extremism, opened Thursday in Djerba, in the presence of representatives of the three Muslim, Jewish and Christian religions.

Works will culminate in the publication of “the Tunis Charter, a message of peace and tolerance that Tunisia will send to the world, said Minister of Religious Affairs Ahmed Adhoum.

Humanity has reached a degree of intellectual maturity that allows it to emancipate itself from the religious introversion and from an erroneous view of the notion of particularity, he argued. “Cohabitation is only possible through dialogue”.

Pastor of the French Protestant Church in Tunisia William Brown said since extremism is fear of the other, understanding through encounter and dialogue is the best way to address it.

Grand Rabbi of Tunis Haim Bittan, for his part, noted that religions bring men together rather than divide them. “Humanity needs to be united”, he said, wishing to see the island of Djerba, in its religious diversity, serve as a model of “beautiful peaceful coexistence” between Muslims, Jews and Christians for the entire world.

Hassen Chalghoumi, president of the Conference of Imams of France insisted on the need to develop the religious discourse, behind the recruitment of young people to go and fight in conflict zones.

The participants then heard a testimony by the president of an association, Neji Dabbach, a Tunisian of Jewish mother and Muslim father who insists on his commitment to tolerance and respect for the other regardless of race, religion or ethnic group.

The two-day conference, organised by the Ministry of Religious Affairs, in collaboration with the Ministries of Tourism and Culture, coincides with the El Ghriba pilgrimage.

It crowns two meetings on the theme of peaceful coexistence between religions in Tunisia and the fight against extremist thinking as part of the implementation of the national counter-terrorism strategy.

The first took place at the Bardo Museum and the second in Tabarka.

Source: TAP News Agency

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