International Day of Older Persons: Ministry of Family stresses need to protect seniors against all forms of exclusion

The Ministry of Family, Women, Childhood and Seniors expressed, on the International Day of Older Persons, commitment to consolidate the rights of seniors and to promote their position within the family and society.


It called for more efforts to be made to provide them with quality services in terms of healthcare and protection and to guarantee them the best possible decent living conditions .


In a statement released on Friday, the Ministry of the Family stressed the importance of the International Day of Older Persons for Tunisia to fulfill its international commitments and national orientations in providing care to the elderly and avoiding all forms of exclusion against them.


The ministry stressed the need to provide a decent life to the elderly as well as preserve their dignity and their role within the family.


It said that the 2022-2023 multisectoral national strategy for the seniors , which was adopted at a a cabinet meeting chaired by Prime Minister Najla Bouden on September 29, focused on offering care to the seniors within the family and in their natural environment. It also provides for supporting poor families with limited income and encouraging them to take care of the seniors through monthly pension.




Source: TAP News Agency