International money laundering network linked to human trafficking dismantled

The Interior Ministry said on Wednesday it had dismantled an international money laundering network linked to human trafficking.


Eight individuals were arrested in this case, including an executive at the Tunisian Post Office in a delegation attached to the governorate of Nabeul, another officer of the Tunisian Post Office in a neighbouring delegation and a sub-Saharan, the Interior Department added in a statement.


When consulted on the matter, the public prosecutor’s office ordered that all the suspects be placed in custody pending the completion of the investigation.


Six cars with a total value of 400 thousand dinars were seized.


The National Financial Crimes Investigation Unit of the Judicial Police Directorate took up the case on November 8, 2022, following a complaint filed by the Tunisian Financial Analysis Commission (CTAF).


The complaint relates to suspicions issued by the Tunisian Post Office, according to which, a sub-Saharan would have benefited from money orders whose value is estimated at more than 450 thousand dinars, during the 2020-2022 period, according to the statement.


According to the first elements of the investigation, the main suspect, a sub-Saharan, would have helped sub-Saharan migrants to enter Tunisia illegally, in exchange for a sum of money estimated at five thousand dinars for each migrant.


Source: Tap News Agency