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Investing in Tunisia’s democratic model is investing in better future for region (George Loucaides)

Rapporteur of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) George Loucaides, on Wednesday, highlighted the Council’s support for Tunisia and its willingness to help it meet the challenges it faces.

He also underlined the determination of Europe to boost partnership in order to enhance the Tunisian democratic model.

During his meeting with Minister for Human Rights and Relations with Constitutional Bodies and Civil Society Mehdi Ben Gharbia, the European official said “investing in the Tunisian democratic model means investing in a better future for the region and for the world”.

He expressed his admiration for the Tunisian authorities’ commitment to strengthen and institutionalise the transition process.

George Loucaides also emphasised the urgent need to support the economic and social development processes as guarantors of the success of the democratic transition after the 2014 constitution.

The main orientations of the national unity government, in particular in the field of development of human rights and the establishment of independent bodies and the fight against all forms of violence and discrimination in Tunisia were discussed by the two sides.

Earlier in the day, George Loucaides was received by Justice Minister Ghazi Jeribi.

The meeting focused on the development of the Tunisian penal system.

The Rapporteur of PACE is making an information visit to Tunisia from March 27 to 30, as part of the preparation of a report on the political transition in Tunisia.

The report will be examined in April by the PACE Committee on Political Affairs and Democracy.

During his visit, he met, in particular, the Speaker of the Parliament, the presidents of parliamentary groups, the chairmen of committees and the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs.

George Loucaides will give a press conference on Thursday at the Council of Europe’s headquarters in Tunis.

Source: TAP news Agency

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