ISIE adopts next Monday calendar of partial elections of CSM for post of university teacher specialised in public finance and taxation | Tunisia News Gazette

ISIE adopts next Monday calendar of partial elections of CSM for post of university teacher specialised in public finance and taxation

The Independent Higher Authority for Elections (ISIE) council will adopt next Monday the schedule of the partial elections of the Supreme Judicial Council (French:CSM) for the post of university teacher specialising in public finance and taxation, said Saturday Anis Jarboui, member of the ISIE Council.

According to him, these partisan elections concern the post of university professor specialising in public finance and taxation in the Financial Regulatory Council, which is still vacant since the elections of the Superior Judicial Council.

Since the elections of CSM, no candidate has applied for the post, leaving the composition of the CSM incomplete, he said.

The electoral calendar concerns the deadlines for the submission of applications, the date of proclamation of the results, the date of the vote and the date of adoption of the final list of candidates selected for this post.

Composed of 45 members, the Supreme Judiciary Council comprises four bodies, namely the Council of the Judiciary, the Council of the Administrative Order, the Council of the Financial Order and the General Assembly which gathers the members of the three judicial councils.

Under Article 12 of the Organic Law n 2016-34 of April 28, 2016, relating to the Superior Judicial Council, the council of the financial magistracy consists of fifteen members as follows:

four judges appointed as-quality as follows:

The first president of the court of accounts.

The general commissioner of the government.

The Vice President of the Court of Accounts.

The oldest chamber president in the rank of councilor.

Six magistrates elected by their peers of the same grade as follows:

Three counselors.

Three assistant counselors.

Five independent specialists, elected by their peers as follows:

Two lawyers.

Two accountants.

A research professor with the title of professor or lecturer in higher education, non-lawyer, specialist in public finance and taxation.

The elections of the Superior Judial Council were held on October 23, 2016. The preliminary results of these elections were announced on October 24, 2016, while the final results were announced on November 14, 2016.

Source: TAP News Agency

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