ISIE Board members meet with Justice Ministry representatives

The Board members of the Independent High Authority for the Elections (French: ISIE), on Wednesday, held a meeting with representatives of the Justice Ministry to examine issues regarding the next elections.
The meeting focused on the regulatory decisions to be published by ISIE, under decree-law No. 2023-8 of March 8, 2023 related to the municipal elections and decree-law No. 2023-10 of March 8, 2023 on the organisation of local council elections and the composition of regional and district councils, reads a statement of ISIE.
It also shed light on nominations for municipal and local elections as well as the urgent measures to be taken for the update of the criminal record and persons with dual nationality.
It was agreed to deny nomination for people with criminal records.
ISIE Board has been conducting, since early this week, a series of meetings with the various state structures, in preparation for the next elections.

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse (TAP)

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