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ISIE Council to convene on Tuesday (Statement)

Adel Brinsi, member of the Independent Higher Authority for Elections (ISIE), said Monday that an ISIE Council meeting will be held Tuesday to discuss various issues related to the election campaign.

Some regional authorities have not validated electoral manifestos, he said in a statement to TAP.

He added that the ISIE will examine the electoral manifestos of the parties participating in municipal elections and will take a clear position regarding the validation or invalidation of these manifestos.

In turn, Farouk Bouasker, ISIE member told TAP, that control officers under the ISIE have, since the launch of the campaign, noted a number of offenses. The regional authorities will take the necessary measures with regard to the offenders, he said.

Earlier in the day, Riadh Bouhouch, ISIE member told media that ISIE registered on the first day of the campaign (Saturday, April 14) 172 offenses, including the organisation of 80 unauthorised activities, 7 related to the participation of state officials in the election campaign, 37 relating to the display of banners and election manifestos in places not reserved for the campaign and six others related to calls for incitement to hatred.

Some parties and observers have noted offenses on political propaganda and the grubbing up of electoral manifestos.

Source: TAP News Agency

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