ISIE holds working sessions with representatives of Ministry of Justice and Administrative Court

The Board of the Independent High Authority for Elections (ISIE), on Monday, held two working sessions with the representative of the Ministry of Justice and the representative of the Administrative Court on measures to be taken, in anticipation of the December 17 parliamentary elections.


The meeting with the representative of the Ministry of Justice discussed the measures to be taken in light of the enactment of the new electoral law, especially with regard to complaints made by the ISIE on electoral offenses and the concern to see the prosecutor’s office to deal with them within a reasonable time, ISIE said in a statement.


Ways to apply the law to offenders before the expiry of legal deadlines was also discussed.


As for the working session with the representative of the Administrative Court, it was dedicated to enhancing coordination between the two sides in the field of electoral disputes, including candidacy disputes.


The session was also an opportunity to discuss ways to promote knowledge of the territorial jurisdiction of chambers under the administrative jurisdiction in light of the publication of the new electoral law and the new division of electoral districts.


The aim is to inform citizens of the new rules of territorial jurisdiction in terms of litigation of candidacy for legislative elections, the ISIE said in a second statement.


Source: Tap News Agency