ISIE proposes draft calendar for July 25 referendum

The Independent High Authority for Elections (ISIE), during the first meeting of the new council on Friday, presented a draft electoral calendar for the organisation of the referendum of July 25.

In accordance with the law on elections and referendums, ISIE proposed starting the registration for the referendum on May 27 by immediately starting the logistical preparations and the recruitment competitions of agents in charge of registration from Saturday May 14.

It also proposes the date of June 5 as deadline for registration and the date of June 12 for filing appeals against the registration lists. The final voter registration lists will be announced on July 8, according to this draft calendar.

The campaign to raise awareness of the vote would be set for July 8 to 23 before the period of electoral silence (July 24 and 25).

As for Tunisians abroad, they would vote on July 23.

The ISIE council also proposed to announce the final results of the referendum on August 28, 2022.

Source: TAP News Agency