ISIE releases calendar for December 17, 2022 legislative elections

The Independent Higher Authority for the Elections (ISIE) Wednesday evening, released the December 17, 2022 legislative elections calendar, whereby the election period begins September 25 at midnight.


The calendar is set for the election of the members of Parliament on December 17, 2022.


The announcement of the results will be made after all appeals have been exhausted on January 19, 2023.
The automatic registration of voters started on September 21, including the persons who turned 18 on September 16.


The polling station update operation for postal address checking runs from September 26 to October 13, 2022.


The preliminary voters’ lists will be published from September 26 to 28, while challenges to these lists will be on September 29 and 30.
The ISIE will review these challenges between October 1 and 2 and will announce its decision on October 3.
The final voters’ lists will be published on October 1 at the latest.


Filing of candidacies starts on October 17 at 08.00 a.m. and ends on October 24 at 06.00 p.m..


The ISIE will decide on the files no later than October 31. The list of candidates will then be published at the authority’s seat and posted on its official website no later than November 1.


The deadline for withdrawing candidacies is November 9. The final lists of candidates will be published no later than November 21.


The election campaign begins November 25 and ends on December 15.


The election silence continues from December 16 at midnight until the last polling station in a certain constituency closes.


The election campaign overseas runs from November 25 to December 13, while the election silence day is on December 16.


Source: Tap News Agency