ISIE’s Mansri says MP arrested, commission not party in case

The Independent High Authority for Elections (French: ISIE) learnt of the arrest of a member of the new parliament in a criminal case, said Spokesperson Mohamed Tlili Mansri. The commission is not a party as it is not an election crime.

Mansri Wednesday told TAP no changes can be brought to the already released final results of legislative elections.

The new parliament is entitled, once its rules of procedures adopted, to review the vacancy in the constituency of the apprehended MP before sending a correspondence to the election commission to hold new by-elections.

An additional sentence can be handed down by the court, Mansri said. The arrested MP can see her victory disqualified and can be stripped of her elegibility to stand as MP for life under the Criminal Procedures Code.

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse

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