Issam Chebbi: "Power system put in place by Nidaa Tounes and Ennahdha has failed and Carthage document is now obsolete" | Tunisia News Gazette

Issam Chebbi: “Power system put in place by Nidaa Tounes and Ennahdha has failed and Carthage document is now obsolete”

Secretary-General of the Republican party Issam Chebbi said that Tunisia “is going through an acute political crisis” and the power of the two parties Ennahda and Nidaa Tounes established since 2014 “failed”.

“The meeting of the signatories of the Carthage document was an attempt to share the failure between all the parties and this document is now obsolete”, leader of the republican party told TAP on Saturday on the sidelines of the two-day works of the first session of the National Council of the party held in Hammamet.

He said it is time to “change the failed politicians to lead the country without change in the political system or the electoral system.”

“The time allotted to the system introduced in 2014 has come to an end and this system consisting of the presidency of the republic, the prime ministry and the parliamentary majority of the blocks of Nidaa and Ennahdha has failed and must take responsibility for this failure” he said.

For Issam Chabbi “it is now important to find a radical alternative to media clashes and hollow frames (in reference to the Carthage document), which can respect the will of voters and the electoral term.”

He announced in this regard that his party will launch from Hammamet an initiative for all national forces “to agree on an alternative preparing Tunisia for change in a year and a half, endorsed by the ballot box”.

Chebbi also said that the national council of his party will focus on “the possible alternative to the system in crisis set up,” believing that we can “expect anything from a system in one year after failing to achieve its goals in four years “.

“The Tunisian people are tired of the policy of time-saving and the formation of governments repeatedly and we must recognise that the real problem lies in the politicians who failed in the management of this stage,” he said while rejecting the call for change in the political regime.

The same is true for the party spokesman Wassim Bouthouri, who has called for the formation of a current affairs expeditionary government whose mission will be to organise the upcoming elections in 2019.

“The national council of the party will examine two axes, the first on the assessement of the action of the government of national unity and means to overcome the crisis and the second concerns the municipal elections of May 6 and the campaign of the party as part of the civil coalition, “he said.

Source: TAP News Agency

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