“It is possible to vaccinate 100,000 people a day” (Acting Health Minister)

Acting Health Minister Mohamed Trabelsi on Friday held a meeting at the Ministry’s headquarters with Chair of the National Vaccination Committee Hechmi Louzir, executives of the Ministry, Chair of the Health Committee at the Parliament Ayachi Zammel and representatives of the private health sector.

The Minister stressed that it is possible to vaccinate 100,000 people per day, calling to boost the national vaccination drive, especially after the arrival of large quantities of vaccine, said a statement by the Ministry.

He noted the need to mobilise human and material resources to make the vaccination campaign successful, adding that the challenge is to bring together health professionals in the public and private sectors and volunteers.

Trabelsi also emphasised the importance of providing oxygen to hospitals and taking care of patients in public and private facilities.


Source: TAP News Agency