Italian Judiciary dismisses SRA’s request for financial guarantee

The Italian Judicial Justice dismissed the request for financial guarantee lodged by the Italian Sviluppo Risorse Ambientali (SRA) company which had illegally exported Italian waste to Tunisia in 2020, said on Tuesday the Network Green Tunisia (RĂ©seau Tunisie Verte) which is closely following up the case.

The network further denounced the vagueness of the Tunisian diplomacy’s reaction to this case and queries in a press release the Tunisian state’s reluctance to act in response to these developments.

The Italian Council of State had pronounced last July 26 on the case of waste illegally imported from Italy to Tunisia between May and July 2020,

demanding the SRA company to recover its 282 containers (7800 tons) within ninety days from December 9th, 2020.


Source: TAP News Agency