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IVD regrets being excluded from discussion of bill on economic reconciliation, says Khaled Krichi

Despite the abuse and repression suffered by the Ennahdha Movement and its supporters before the revolution, they nevertheless support overall reconciliation,” said Yamina Zoghlami, MP of Ennahdha Movement and a member of the Commission of Martyrs and Injured of the Revolution and the Enforcement of the Law on General Amnesty and Transitional Justice.

“Members of the Ennahdha Movement do not tolerate the passing of a law that opposes the text of the Constitution or which may compromise the process of transitional justice or laundering corruption,” she said at a conference organised by the Political and Economic Forum on the draft law on economic reconciliation.

“The bill on economic reconciliation can only be adopted after the amendment of its first article,” she stressed, pointing out that MPs will put forward proposals to amend the unconstitutional provisions of this bill.

The draft law on economic reconciliation is not likely to interfere in the work of the Truth and Dignity Commission, said leader in Nidaa Tounes Movement, Wissem SaA�di.

“The process of economic reconciliation begins with the confession of the crime and the demand for forgiveness, while going through reconciliation, until the final reconciliation between the two parties”, he explained.

Charfeddine Kellil, an activist in the “I will not forgive” campaign, said he was opposed to the bill on economic reconciliation in its first two versions, insofar as it violates the text of the Constitution, the transitional justice system and Tunisia’s international commitments.

“This bill has been rejected by the largest international organisations,” he said, considering it essential to respect the principles of transitional justice.

Khaled Kerichi, chairman of the Arbitration and Reconciliation Committee at the Truth and Dignity Forum, regretted being excluded from the discussion and consideration of the draft law on economic reconciliation.

In his view, this is a “moral error”.

“The second draft of the bill seriously compromises the transitional justice process,” he said. “It is more compromising than the previous one,” he said.

This project only hampers the reconciliation project in Tunisia and compromises the various mechanisms of the “Truth and Dignity” Commission, he pointed out.

Source: TAP News Agency

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