Jab drive and national exams to continue in governorates targeted by general lockdown (Prime Ministry)

The COVID-19 jab drive and national exams will continue in the governorates targeted by the general lockdown, the Prime Ministry announced Sunday.
The exams will be conducted normally, taking into account the health protocol in force, the Prime Ministry said in a press release, adding that the civil services will continue their activities at the strict minimum to ensure the vital services.
The daily working hours and the curfew will be set out in coordination with the governors.
Travel is banned except for those with a work authorisation and in urgent cases, in compliance with anti-COVID prevention measures.
Besides, the government has authorised telework for those using information technologies or empowered to conduct non-presence work.
A list of officials whose presence is mandatory on site will be prepared by the ministries through their local directorates or directors of institutions, municipalities or civil services and local authorities, the same source specifies.

Source: TAP News Agency