TUNIS, Jordan Prime Minister Hani Mulki and his Tunisian counterpart, Yousef Al-Shahed, on Thursday highlighted the importance of fostering economic, trade, and investment relations between both countries, and to bring its level to that of the “distinguished” political ties.

The premier’s remarks came during a joint press conference with Al-Shahed, following talks of the Joint Jordanian-Tunisian Higher Committee, which kicked off in Tunis, Tunisia earlier in the day.

The talks touched on means to improve bilateral ties and broaden horizons of economic engagement between the two countries, a bid to serve and push forward the joint interests.

Mulki said that Jordan and Tunisia are on the same page with regard to challenges facing the Middle East, and said: “Political understanding is the key to resolving problems in the Arab region”.

He, moreover, voiced confidence in the Jordanian-Tunisian partnership and described it as a glimmer of hope that would consolidate Arab cooperation.

In response to a question on post-conflict reconstruction in Mideast countries, Mulki said it is of a humanitarian, political and sovereignty dimensions rather than economy, and that the most important is to realize calm and stability in the region. As for economic aspect, he said, emphasis should be laid on finding partnerships concomitant with political, economic and humanitarian efforts.

Further, he spoke about Jordan-Tunisia trade turnover, which retreated following Mideast turmoil, pointing out that the Tunisian President Beji Caid Essebsi’s visit to Jordan in 2015 had contributed to enhancing investment, economic and trade relations.

On his part, Tunisian Prime Minister, Yousef Al-Shahed, highlighted the “long-standing and historic” ties, as well as the political, cultural and intellectual convergence between both countries.

He said a number of recommendations were endorsed, a bid to foster bilateral cooperation, pointing out that a joint Jordanian-Tunisian forum was recently held and drew wide participation of businesspeople and private sector representatives from both countries.

Al-Shahed said Jordan has important experiences, particularly in the pharmaceutical domain among others and that Tunisia also has industrial, tourism and agricultural expertise, noting that it was agreed upon bolstering relations to serve mutual interests.

“We look forward to taking our ties with Jordan to a level of active partnership”, he said, pointing out reciprocal visits of both countries’ officials.

Despite having small markets, Al-Shahed said, Jordan and Tunisia have export potentials but they work within a comprehensive framework over competition.

At the conclusion of the discussions, both sides signed a number of agreements and programs in various domains, including preparing and constructing industrial cities and free zones.

An agreement was also signed in the field of maritime transport and a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on mutual recognition of certificates for sea workers was also inked. An MoU on consumer protection, export development and handicrafts and traditional industries was also penned. They also inked a program on tourism cooperation.


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