Judgments in airport case “null” and void” (Dilou)

“Judgments rendered in the so-called airport case against two lawyers, namely Mehdi Zagrouba and Seifeddine Makhlouf, are “null” and “void” as “they include breaches of law,” said member of the defense committee Samir Dilou.

The court’s detention decision which taks immediate effect is an “abduction” which has nothing to do with the the application of legal provisions, Dilou further told a press conference held Saturday by the National Salvation Front to shed full light on the case.

The criminal chamber of the the appellate military court Friday delivered prison sentences against Seifeddine Makhlouf, Nidhal Saoudi, Mohamed Affes, Maher Zid (all of whom leaders of Al-karama Coalition, a component within the dissolved parliament) and Mehdi Zagrouba, a lawyer involved in the case.

Lawyer and former MP Seifeddine Makhlouf was handed 14 months in prison with immediate enforcement. Zagrouba was sentenced to 11 months in prison with immediate enforcement too; this in addition to prohibiting him from practicing for five years.

The remedy of cassation, Dilou added, will necessarily involve the immediate suspension of the enforcement of judgments rendered on appeal.

“Prison sentences with immediate execution handed down by the military court is very dangerous. The move is designed to sow terror among political opponents,” Dilou added.

Lawyer Ahmed Belghith said judgments issued were “ready” before hearings; they also infringe the code of the military procedures.

Member of the National Salvation Front Samira Chaouachi condemned the verdict of the appellate military court, calling the sentences “political” and full of irregularies.

The Tunis First Instance Permanent Military Court handed down on May 17, 2022, sentences of three to six months to Seifedine Makhlouf, Nidhal Saoudi, Mohamed Affes and Maher Zid, in addition to lawyer Mehdi Zagrouba.

The same court dropped the charges against Abdellatif Aloui.

Following an appeal filed by the defense committee, the appellate military court decided last December 24 to postpone judgment delivery to January 20, 2023.

Source: Tap News Agency