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Justice denies rumors about spying case and talks about financial crimes and embezzlement

Spokesman of the Tunis Court of First Instance, of Judicial Counter-Terrorism Pole and the Judicial Economic and Financial Pole Sofien Selliti said the rumors leaked by the daily “Al Chourouk” about an espionage scandal involving Tunisian and foreign parties is unfounded.

He rectified “the case concerns, rather, financial crimes and embezzlement.

Selliti adds, in a statement released Friday, that the information relayed by the media concerns facts that the prosecutor had ordered the verification through the unit of research in terrorist crimes and organised crimes affecting the security of the national territory to the General Management of the National Security of El Gorjani.

The investigations confirmed that the case relates to financial crimes and embezzlement and, because of its nature, it has been entrusted to the judicial economic and financial pole.

The daily “Al Chourouk” published an investigation under the title “spy scandal in Tunisia … ministers, political party leaders, bank directors and a former director general of customs involved in a spying network led by a French businessman “.

The newspaper indicates that after the issuance of an arrest warrant against the adviser of the Minister of Health and a director general at the Ministry of State Lands, the investigation would have revealed the involvement of senior officials of the state and politicians in a big scandal of espionage.

Al Chourouk also writes that prominent politicians and general managers would be involved in a spying case on behalf of a French man and evoked the existence of a suspicious application inside the Carthage Palace”.

Source: TAP News Agency

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