Justice Minister at MAP Forum: Draft Penal Code to Cover New Crimes

Ouahbi, who was the guest of the MAP Forum, held under the theme “Criminal Code: the stakes of the reform”, said that several articles of this Code have been revised to cover new crimes, while others, which are no longer relevant, have been repealed.

This Code, which will be ready next February, includes several guarantees for children and women and provides a battery of alternative penalties, including electronic bracelet and community service.

In response to a question on individual freedoms in the new penal code, Ouahbi explained that this project is not the exclusive work of the minister, but it is a text of law developed by several stakeholders, in accordance with constitutional and institutional provisions, stating that the minister’s mission is to conduct negotiations to achieve jurisprudence and consensual solutions.

On the other hand, he announced the holding next April of an international conference on the marriage of minors to criminalize this act and cancel the authorization issued by the judges to this effect, stating that the planned amendments interact with developments concerning the intimate lives of individuals.

Regarding the presence of a lawyer during the judicial investigation, Ouahbi mentioned a proposal that provides for the presence of a lawyer with the child, the woman and people with special needs, with the possibility of filming the respondent during his interrogation, noting that the debate on this issue is still open.

Source: Agency Morocaine De Presse