Kebili: tourism faces many difficulties (report) | Tunisia News Gazette

Kebili: tourism faces many difficulties (report)

Many difficulties hinder the resumption of tourist activity in the governorate of Kebili, according to the report of the Committee on Employment and Investment presented at the meeting of the special delegation of the regional council of Kebili.

Several other activities related to the tourism sector such as handicrafts have also declined because of this crisis, the same document said.

Among the published indicators, the decline in the capacity of hotel units from 4316 to 3999 beds between 2010 and 2016, the fall in the number of tourist arrivals from 369,830 people in 2010 to 72,121 in 2016 and the decrease in tourist overnight stays from 401,443 to 79,657 during the same period.

To remedy this situation, the committee recommends encouraging domestic tourism, setting up a strategy for the revaluation of archaeological sites, creating a structure responsible for promoting Saharan tourism and encouraging the launch of tourism projects in oases.

Source: TAP News Agency

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