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Kelibia: explosion in a house, no casualties (Interior Ministry)

An explosion occurred in a home in Kelibia (Nabeul governorate) without casualties, but broke the windows and caused some damage to the house, the Interior Ministry said in a statement released Friday night.

Security units went to the scene of the explosion in the early afternoon to conduct investigations that revealed that the detonation occurred in the first-floor lounge, the statement said.

The aluminum windows were blown and debris was found inside the living room while black marks were found on a marble embedded in a window and curtains were partially burned.

According to the statement, the units found 7 laptops, two of which were connected to visible cables, two electronic plates of a computer device, miniature parts of mobile phones, a charger and a bottle containing a chemical product and another blackish-colored product that the owner, repairer of mobile phones, said he used to melt aluminum contained in laptops and pc.

This product was seized by the security units to coordinate the investigation with the National Guard Explosives Team who reported that the explosion was caused by a highly explosive product whose nature will be determined by an analysis in a specialized laboratory, said the same source.

The National Unit for Terrorist Crime was tasked with completing the investigations in this case.

The 35-year-old homeowner is known for his religious radicalism while his 26-year-old wife “was suspected of belonging to a terrorist organisation,” the interior ministry said.

Initial reports had indicated the explosion due to a short electrical circuit, a gas cylinder or explosives.

Source: TAP News Agency

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