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“Kolna Kessra” project: Youth show in Kessra on August 2

The city of Kessra (governorate of Siliana) will host, on Wednesday, August 2, 2017, a concert at the city’s art square, with the participation of musical troops of the region.

This event is held as part of the cultural animation of the northwest city and the implementation of the pilot project “Kolna Kessra” initiated by the Association Kolna Tounes for the benefit of young project holders of Siliana.

The closing ceremony will be attended by artist Bayram Kilani, also known as Bendir Man, who will be performing at 9.00 pm in the presence of guest artist Yasser Jradi as guest of honor.

The project “Kolna Kessra” is underway with a final training session organised for young entrepreneurs in the region who are supported by members of the “Kolna Tounes” association and its partners, for the implementation of their projects. This initiative will have a beneficial effect on the economic development and promotion of the historical, cultural and tourist specificities of the city of Kessra.

The project “Kolna Kessra” aims to strengthen the role of civil society in social and solidarity entrepreneurship, the improvement of living conditions in the interior regions through the creation of projects in the hotel industry, handicrafts and promotion of the cultural and tourist heritage of the region.

Source: TAP News Agency

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