Lahcen Haddad, Guest of MAP Forum Next Tuesday

This meeting, which will take place at MAP’s headquarters in Rabat from 9 a.m., will be an opportunity to discuss several issues relating to the background of the resolution of the European Parliament (EP) and relations between this body and the Moroccan Parliament which has decided to reconsider its relations with the EP by subjecting them to an overall assessment, following its latest positions towards the Kingdom.

The Forum will also focus on a resolution that constitutes a blatant overstepping of the EP’s prerogatives and powers and an inadmissible attack on the sovereignty, dignity and independence of Morocco’s judicial institutions.

In a Statement made public at the end of a joint session of its two Houses, the Moroccan Parliament had also rejected exploiting and politicizing cases falling within the competence of criminal justice and common law, stressing that the EP resolution has deliberately ignored all institutional mechanisms for dialogue and coordination, which were established specifically to be a platform for comprehensive and frank dialogue within the spirit of partnership and mutual respect.

The Forum will be broadcast live on M24 and RIM-Radio, MAP’s 24-hour news channel and its news radio, as well as via MAP-Live, on the Agency’s website “” and its Facebook account.

The MAP Forum has become a plateforme for debate on current political, economic, cultural and social issues. It brings together representatives of public authorities and personalities from various backgrounds, as well as media representatives.

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