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League of Arab States observer mission urges “looking at reasons behind low voter turnout in parliamentary elections”

(TAP) – The League of Arab States’ observer mission for the December 17 legislative elections, called on stakeholders in the electoral process in Tunisia to “look at the reasons that led to a low voter turnout in the parliamentary elections”, or 8.8%, according to the Independent High Authority for Elections (ISIE).


The mission said in a statement Sunday that the reasons for this low voter turnout would be “the nature of the new electoral system based on individual and independent candidacy.”


This is besides the small number of candidates and the insufficient number of activities within the framework of electoral campaigns, it recalled.


Regarding the polling day, the mission of the Arab League noted that the voting and counting processes took place in a calm atmosphere and in an organised manner.


It also stressed the absence of electioneering around the polling centers in 92.7% of the centres visited, stating that no attempt to influence voters was noted.


The mission also said in its statement that the necessary election materials were “available and secure”, praising the work of polling station members in 78.9% of centres visited.


Observers also noted the presence of candidate representatives in 47.7% of polling stations. They did not, however, record any objections to the voter registers, stating that voting took place in voting booths and in full secrecy.



Source: TAP News Agency