Leoni Menzel Hayet to provide 5 thousand jobs (general manager) | Tunisia News Gazette

Leoni Menzel Hayet to provide 5 thousand jobs (general manager)

Mohamed Larbi Rouis, General Manager of the cable and automotive components manufacturing group “Leoni Tunisia” said Saturday in Mahdia the new “Leoni” unit that will be built in Menzel Hayet (governorate of Monastir) will provide 5 thousand jobs for the inhabitants of Mahdia, Sousse and Monastir, including 1,000 for executives.

He added that the German group “Leoni” has chosen Menzel Hayet for three reasons: its proximity to the motorway, its accessibility to workers and the lack of fierce competition in this region.

“The group initially planned to create this unit in Chebba (Mahdia governorate) but for land reasons, it finally opted for the industrial area of Menzel Hayet,” said Rouis.

The cost of the “Leoni Menzel Hayet” project is estimated at 200 million dinars.

Prime Minister Youssef Chahed had laid the foundation stone for the project on Wednesday, May 2nd.

Established in Tunisia since 1977, “Leoni Tunisia” has launched 6 units offering 16,500 jobs. Two of its units, Kef and Gafsa, have shut down.

Source: TAP News Agency

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