Local elections: Writ convening voters to cast their ballots published in JORT

A writ (588/2023) convening voters to elect local councils and a second (590/2023) on the delimitation of electoral constituencies have just been published in the Official Gazette of the Tunisian Republic (JORT) No 108.

Article 1 of the writ (588/2023) stipulates that voters will be called to the polls on December 24, 2023 to elect the members of the local councils.

The second writ, which defines the electoral constituencies, sets the number of local councils at 279 and the number of constituencies at 2155.

According to Article 2 of the same writ, an additional seat in each council is reserved for a person with a disability.

The total number of local council members is 2434.

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse