London: UM6P Explores Collaboration Opportunities with Moroccan Diaspora

As part of its strategy to create links with Moroccans around the world, UM6P came to meet the Moroccan British Competencies Network (MBCN), a network of Moroccan skills residing in the UK and excelling in the academic and entrepreneurial fields.

UM6P has always been open to Moroccan skills abroad, in order to offer them the opportunity to contribute to the development of their country by donating their know-how, time and skills to the youth of Morocco and its academic institutions,” said Khalid Baddou, representative of the University.

This initiative comes after the speech of HM King Mohammed VI, who invited the Moroccan diaspora to participate in the development of the Kingdom, as well as he urged the institutions to offer them the appropriate space for this collaboration, he noted in a statement to MAP.

In this sense, “we have launched the program +UM6P Associate+ which invites Moroccans from around the world to be part of the ecosystem of the University and contribute, either directly, through teaching and coaching researchers and young doctoral students, or indirectly, by connecting the university to their network of partners and giving the UM6P access to high-level researchers,” he explained.

This aims to create a “virtuous dynamic that will allow Moroccans abroad to be at the service of their country, at the same time that Morocco is at their service,” concluded Baddou.

For his part, Nabil Hajji, PhD in molecular oncology and professor at Imperial College London, said that a committee of the MBCN had visited a few months ago the UM6P, at the invitation of its president, adding that this visit was an opportunity to meet many researchers, professors and doctoral students who are doing important work.

“We were impressed by the infrastructure of the University,” said the network member, praising the research ecosystem that offers UM6P and the role of science in the new development model of Morocco.

“Today’s meeting aims to explore ways to deepen our cooperation with the university, as a network of Moroccans established in the UK,” he added, noting that several ideas are already being processed and that Moroccan expertise will soon be involved in the forward march of the UM6P.

Several academics and researchers, particularly in the fields of medicine, biology, physics, engineering and mathematics took part in this event, which offered the opportunity to exchange on the possibilities of becoming more involved in the scientific development of the Kingdom.


Source: Agency Morocaine De Presse