Machrou Tounes calls on government to "clarify its position" on recurrence of slavery in Libyan cities | Tunisia News Gazette

Machrou Tounes calls on government to “clarify its position” on recurrence of slavery in Libyan cities

The Machrou Tounes movement called on the government to clarify its position following information reported by the media about the recurrence of slavery in several Libyan cities.

This information reported the existence of slave markets whose victims are sub-Saharan immigrants stranded in Libyan coasts after failing to reach the northern rim of the Mediterranean, the party indicated.

In a statement published Sunday, Machrou Tounes called on the government to entrust the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Relations with constitutional Authorities and civil Society and Human Rights to take the necessary measures against this national and international crime.

An action of particularly great importance insofar as Tunisia is considered as a pioneer in this field being among the first countries to abolish slavery since nearly two centuries, the party said.

The latter urged the national organisations, media, civil society and every national force in the country to condemn these crimes, draw attention to its despicable nature and reinforce awareness on the need to face them, pointing out the close relation between slavery and the referential of the terrorist organization Daesh widespread in several regions in the Arab world.

CNN had broadcasted a secretly-filmed video showing a slave auction of sub-Saharan migrants. Libyan authorities had affirmed on Friday to CNN the launch of a formal investigation into this case.

In reaction to the CNN report, a thousand people had protested on Saturday in Paris following calls made by several associations, French media reported.

Source: TAP News Agency

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