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Machrou Tounes presents initiative “to improve political and electoral system”

General-Secretary of Machrou Tounes movement Mohsen Marzouk presented Saturday a party initiative aimed at “the improvement of the political and electoral system”.

Speaking at a meeting organised by the party at the Convention Centre in Tunis, Mohsen Marzouk said that this initiative proposes a fundamental reform of the electoral system on the way of the reform of the current model of governance in Tunisia. A model that has, according to him, failed and proved inability to meet the needs of Tunisia to develop its (governance) capabilities.

The current electoral system, he argued, has given rise to consensus-based governance, and formal and cyclical alliances have not allowed the country to progress. This in addition to the fact that the performance of successive governments has not been stable, he said.

He added it is time today when celebrating the Independence Day to admit that the Tunisian state is in danger and that the political and electoral system has failed.

Mohsen Marzouk called on parties with common points to shoulder their responsibilities for the deterioration of the situation at all levels and to show courage and acknowledge failure, especially, he insisted, that independence of Tunisia is now under threat.

Machrou Tounes is pursuing its project to build a national pole. It is in favour of a government of competence that should not stand for election, said the secretary general of the party.

The alternative proposed by Machrou Tounes, he explains, is to change the political system to move from a parliamentary system to a democratic presidential regime. The President of the Republic elected by the people is the chief executive. He appoints the Prime Minister.

But the formation of the government is their shared responsibility.

Regarding parliament, Machrou Tounes believes that MPs do not have to trust of the government once formed but can withdraw it. In this way, the executive power is concentrated in the hands of one person who must take responsibility for it, he says.

Machrou Tounes’ proposals on the Electoral Code are articulated in particular around the register of voters. The movement proposes the development of a unified national register of voters. Each municipality must save the updated lists of voters. Every elector, candidate and political party has the right to access and obtain a copy of the register of electors.

Source: TAP News Agency

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