Managing Global Challenges Requires Multilateral Mechanisms Reform (Amb.)

The reform of the United Nations and particularly of the Security Council, taking into consideration the changes of the international scene, has become necessary, in order to face the complex issues that hinder the development of the international organization, Hilale underlined at the opening of the Crans Montana Forum.


History is rich in lessons that allow us to better understand the world’s current situation, he noted, recalling that the first decades of each century have always been full of tensions that lead to wars and insecurity.


The Moroccan diplomat drew a bleak picture of the world situation, with the return of war in Europe, the deterioration of security in the Sahel, as well as the epidemic, energy and food crises, while warning against a “crisis of confidence” between States and the dysfunction of multilateralism.


This does not prevent us from turning to new perspectives and better adapted to the international context, said Hilale, ensuring that this optimism is carried by new actors, whose activity is constantly evolving, such as civil society, which sometimes even replaces the States that abandon some causes, including the preservation of the environment and sustainable development.


For his part, the Chairman and Founder of the Crans Montana Forum, Jean-Paul Carteron, considered that the world is facing real dangers and a crisis, which is no longer limited to developing countries, but also attacks developed nations and their economic, security, social and political environment.


He stressed the need to reinvent foreign policies and diplomatic action on the basis of preserving stability, while calling for a new leadership, reinforced by the values of peace, solidarity and interdependence.


In this sense, Carteron emphasized the initiatives coming from Africa, praising the case of Morocco as a model of governance, which should be inspired, the country having managed to take advantage of its civilizational heritage, while adopting progressive values to achieve a revolution in many sectors with high added value, such as aviation and automotive.


For his part, Emanuela Del Re, EU Special Representative for the Sahel, said that Africa, “land of opportunities”, has the means to impose itself as an important pole of the international scene, noting however that the continent risks to be transformed into a playground of the great powers which, according to her, is unacceptable.


The Crans Montana Forum, which will continue until November 19, will focus on contemporary challenges related to pandemics, war and the financial and food crisis, through panels that will examine “the means to reinvent the social, economic and security balances of our world”.


Source: Agency Morocaine De Presse