MAP, ANYA Sign Partnership Agreement to Create Cultural Content Focused on Common Values

Rabat – The Moroccan News Agency (MAP) and ANYA Cultural Agency signed, Monday in Rabat, a partnership agreement aimed at strengthening exchange of communication and creating cultural content focused on common values.

Initialed by MAP Director-General, Khalil Hachimi Idrissi, and ANYA Director-General, Brahim El Mazned, the partnership agreement aims to provide media support to this cultural structure active in the music industry through the organization of events, including the annual Visa For Music Festival, to which MAP provides media support since 2014.

The agreement also provides for publishing on MAP’s various platforms of content from ANYA (Visa for Music, Moroccan Music Heritage, ANYA Production and Anya Cultural Engineering).

Under this agreement, MAP commits to broadcasting Visa For Music concerts and other Anya Live events on M24, RIM Radio and DIB (Digital information broadcast) News. MAP’s green studio will also be made available to the Cultural Agency.

MAP also commits to ensuring broad media coverage of the Visa For Music festival via a dedicated team (text, photo, video and graphics) and to publishing all press releases and photos transmitted by the partner as well as interviews conducted during the event to all its clients and subscribers.

For its part, ANYA is committed to developing content for MAP, including cultural radio capsules for RIM Radio, online cultural round tables on DIB News and M24 as well as KELMA Interviews for DIB News.

It will also create and develop cultural co-branded content with MAP and provide the Agency with all the capsules, concerts, interviews and conferences held as part of Visa For Music Festival since 2019.

This agreement will make available to MAP a broadcast set & a studio for the coverage of the Visa For Music festival. MAP logo will be present on all communication tools dedicated to the Visa For Music Festival and on the partner’s website that will feature a link to the Agency’s institutional website.

Speaking to M24, MAP’s 24-hour news channel, El Mazned welcomed the signing of this agreement that will further strengthen the MAP-Anya Cooperation while ensuring “national and international outreach” for the projects of the Cultural Agency.

MAP is an agency that has always been sensitive to cultural projects, including those organized by ANYA. Since 2014, it has provided support to further promote this event in Morocco and around the world, he stated.

According to El Mazned, the agreement “will allow us to go further in these difficult times” in “spreading culture in Morocco and Africa.”

In similar remarks, Zakaria Bouzandar, editor-in-chief of DIB News noted that the signing of this agreement is part of strengthening cooperation between MAP and ANYA in the cultural and musical fields with a special focus on Africa and Latin America.

This agreement also provides for supporting MAP’s new products, namely M24, RIM Radio and DIB News, he added.

Anya is an independent cultural structure created in 2014 to organize Visa For Music, the first professional market and festival of music from Morocco, Africa and the Middle East. the cultural agency, which has expanded its activities while remaining focused on the music industry, is strongly involved in the development of a strong and sustainable cultural industry for the benefit of artists and society as a whole.

Source: Agency Morocaine De Presse