MAP in 2022: Increased Production, Emphasis on Audiovisual Products

MAP, which has embarked on a program to specialize all its editorial services, published a total of 361,433 dispatches in all categories during 2022, compared with 290,638 dispatches in 2021, an increase of about 24%.


In this production, MAP has touched on all news topics with a predominance of the categories “Economy and Finance” and “Regions and Society”, which have monopolized about one third of the dispatches produced during the year. News dealing with political, parliamentary, partisan and trade union news accounted for 8.56% of the total, compared to 9.68% for Sports, 4% for “Culture and Media”, 4% for Environment and 2.26% for Government activities.


Thanks to its vast network of international correspondents, the Moroccan Press Agency covered news in the four corners of the world for 23% of its total production.


In line with its diversification strategy, MAP continued in 2022 to boost high value-added products such as video, audio, photo and computer graphics. As a result, MAP’s video and audio coverage nearly doubled to 5,667 stories and 5,996 stories, respectively. The Agency also produced 44,698 photographs (+33.2%) and 10,880 infographics, about four times the volume recorded in 2021.


In addition, all MAP’s websites recorded more than 7.81 million visits in 2022, with a particular craze for the general public site (more than 1.6 million visitors), (more than 1.9 million) and the regional sites which totaled more than 1.8 million visitors.


As part of its strengthened presence on virtual platforms, the Agency has recorded some 47,474 subscribers to the various newsletters produced by the Agency in 2022. These are the “Politis”, “Geopolitis”, “Business”, “sport”, “Educatis” and “Vivre” newsletters.


On social networks, MAP continues to strengthen its presence with 15,569 posts on Facebook, 11,516 tweets, 716 posts on Instagram and 595 posts on LinkedIn. MAP posted a total of 28,396 contents on these social networks in all formats (text, photo, video and audio).


M24 and RIM Radio, an increase in power in 2022


The year 2022 also saw the consolidation of MAP’s audiovisual production. The Agency has launched a range of thematic web radio stations that immerse listeners in a particular acoustic universe. These music radios are in addition to the continuous information web radio of MAP, RIM-Radio, which has received in its sets within its various programs 960 guests, among experts, analysts, academics, economists, politicians … etc.


Regarding the production of podcasts, the website of RIM-Radio has recorded the publication of 18,765 topics.


The novelty of MAP in 2022 is also the launch of RIMCAST, a new product dedicated to podcasts, which allows the continuous news radio of MAP to position itself in the world of podcasting, a new concept in vogue very popular with young listeners.


For its part, M24, MAP’s 24-hour news channel, has seen its programming schedule enriched by new programs dealing with a variety of cultural, intellectual, and social issues. More than 1,200 guests were invited to its studios to comment, analyze and decipher the news of the year 2022.


M24’s new television programs are part of the channel’s desire, since its inception, to develop high-impact programming based on the strengthening of its achievements, with a view to promoting its influence as a media platform that is interested in all societal issues.


In addition, the Agency’s new media, M24, RIM-Radio and DIB News, have strengthened their presence on social networks with rich and varied content. Thus, 18,326 publications were recorded on the M24 accounts, divided between Facebook (6,352 contents), Twitter (5,628 contents) and Instagram (6,346 contents), and 7,986 publications on the RIM-Radio accounts, divided between Facebook (4,114 contents) and Instagram (3,872 contents).


DIB News, the news website dedicated to young people, has recorded, for its part, 2,634 publications on its social networks, Facebook (1,317 contents) and Instagram (1,317 contents).


Print, another field of action for MAP


In terms of print media, MAP published 254 issues of its daily newspaper “Maroc Le Jour” and as many for “Al Yaoum Al Maghribi” during the year under review. The Agency has also enriched the newsstands with 11 issues of its monthly magazine BAB (French language) and 11 others of its Arabic version.


The Moroccan Press Agency has also published 4 issues of the quarterly magazine “Maghreb 1”, dedicated to the diversity of Maghrebian cultures in French language and 4 others in its Arabic version.


The year 2022 also saw the publication of the Album MAP, yearbooks “Morocco Factual”, “News of Morocco”, in addition to other occasional publications, including “Rabat Magic”, the first publication of a series of books on the cities of Morocco that aim to make known the cities of the Kingdom and, through them, the regions to which they belong, by presenting their potential, their wealth and their particularities.


Regarding “MAP Intelligence”, the monitoring service has made available to its customers more than 2,984 monitoring bulletins on various topics, while the processing and analysis of statistical data has produced more than 380 articles published on the site


As for the SMS service, MAP has sent, throughout the year 2022, more than 7,459 text messages in Arabic and French, against about 5,295 during the year 2021.


All this production, rich and diversified, comes to consecrate a year of work and labor in the framework of a clear and dynamic strategy aimed at giving more influence to MAP, as a public information pole, and to strengthen its positioning at the continental, regional and international level


Source: Agency Morocaine De Presse