“Massariyoun” group calls on Saied to provide urgent solutions to serious economic and social problems

The “Massariyoun Li Tashih Al Massar” group, Thursday, released a statement through which it opposed the results of the July 25 constitutional referendum.

The Massariyoun group, which voted against the draft Constitution proposed by the President of the Republic, claims that the low turnout in the referendum raises questions about the legitimacy and credibility of the new Constitution.

Voting “no” on the new draft Constitution was a bold step that challenges the serious bipolarization the country is facing, the same source said.

The Massariyoun group criticized the sweeping powers the President of the Republic gave himself, urging him to find swift solutions to the country’s economic and social problems.

Those who boycotted “voting” under the guise of refusing to give legitimacy to the referendum and the process of July 25 could not put forward their weight or make their position known and it is difficult to distinguish them from the disinterested voters, the same source said.

“Knowing that the new Constitution has become a fact today, the President of the Republic should pave the way for dialogue and consultation on all key national issues, including the drafting of electoral law,” the group reiterated.

The group calls on political parties, the civil society and citizens to stay vigilant so as to prevent abuse of power amid lack of oversight mechanisms for the President of the Republic in the new constitution.

According to Massariyoun, political parties, whatever opinions they have on the referendum, should learn from it and focus on values and goals that unite them, particularly the supreme interest of the country.

It expressed commitment to the sovereignty and the independence of the national decision-making and rejects any interference in Tunisia’s home affairs.

Source: Tap News Agency